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Tuesday down-time links

February 17, 2009

The servers are down today, most likely to flush away the last remnants of that trainwreck that was Love is in the Air. I know once Akromah got her Lovely Black Dress, she happily tossed all of her perfume and love tokens into the Undercity sewers. I know far too many people who spent too much time at the mercy of the randomness of the Candy bag.

Anyway, here are a few linkies to pass the time while you’re waiting to get in the game:

Vonya at The Egotistical Priest wants to know your in-game guilty pleasures. Hers is fishing. Mine is making low-level jewelry.

From CNet: World of Warcraft is the new Starbucks. While I don’t buy that “WoW can teach people to interact with each other in a civil manner” (I do not wish to see naked people dancing on mailboxes) I completely agree with the “Cheers” aspect. I know of quite a few people (The Warlock being one) who will log into WoW and chat while doing other work. And the greetings from guildmates when I log in always make me smile.

The folks at Herculean Productions have put together a series of funny live-action movies called The Chronicles of Leeroy. Yes, it’s live-action meaning there are actual humans dressed as Horde characters. The movies have sound (obviously) and a scantily clad man with horns, so this might not be a best bet for work.

And while it’s not happening today, the WoW Insider’s Guide to Patch 3.1 gives you all you need to know about the upcoming dual-specs, mana regeneration changes and class changes!

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