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Epic Fail: Heroic Ajzol-Nerub

February 20, 2009
Spider Chos

Spider Chow

I really didn’t intend on healing last night. I should have acted on my intuition and logged Leota in. Instead, I agreed to go to Heroic Azjol-Nerub.

The party was great: The Warlock, Protection Warrior, Arcane Mage, Marksman Hunter and yours truly, the Holy Paladin.

We trucked right through until we reached the final boss, Anub’arak. And we died and died and died and died. And died! I had trouble cleansing poison and keeping the party up at the same time.

Quite a blow to my pride, as I really enjoy the 5-person heroic runs.

What to do? Time to consult my favorite healing community and start watching YouTube videos. Then this weekend…we go back.

And speaking of this weekend…my dance card is filling up quickly. We’re doing a Naxx-10 run Saturday afternoon (oh hai, I can kill Sapphiron finally?) There’s a 25-person run on Sunday afternoon. And now that I’m over my THREE WEEK ILLNESS* I want to actually leave the apartment at some point in time as well. Time to introduce some real life/game life balance back into the equation.

*I’ve been sick the entire month of February. Today was the first day I felt alive again.

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