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Six from Six

February 27, 2009

There’s a blog epidemic going around where WoW players are posting the sixth screenshot from the sixth folder inside the folder where they keep their screenshots.

I’m desperate for something to write about today, so I went hunting. I don’t have six folders in my WoW directory (and other games’ screenshots are long tucked away on backup CDs) I found this gem:

Sandy's happy to be seen again

Sandy's happy to be seen again

That’s my human rogue, Sandriara. Sandy, for short. Sandy was my first character in any game I ever played (even after my years in Asheron’s Call) to hit max level. But this was taken in June, 2005. I she had just hit a major level (20?) and I was trying to take a screenshot of happy Sandy in the Stormwind bank.

Have a blog? Consider yourself tagged. Find the sixth image in your sixth folder of screenshots and post it. If you don’t, you can still play by posting your screenshot on a free hosting service (Imageshack and Flickr come to mind) and linking to it from here!

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