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Weekend WoW plans

February 27, 2009

I don’t have much planned, to tell the truth. I think Real Life’s going to play a large role in my weekend (after 12 hours raiding last weekend, it needs to), so I can’t promise myself to any raids. I believe our 10-person group is going to try Malygos some time this weekend.

I requested Akromah be copied to the 3.1 Public Test Realm so that I can try out the dual-spec situation. And the 30 minute hearthstone. Seriously, 30 minutes? They really are dumbing down the game. 😦

Other than that, Leota might see some action, as she can almost taste level 60 and a faster horse. She’s currently in Western Plaguelands, one of my favorite zones due to the quest storylines. With all of the game’s current focus on the Lich King, it’s nice to be back in the actual towns that bear the scars of his madness.

What’choo doing this weekend?

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