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World's Worst Mage Wednesday

March 11, 2009

Leota, World’s Worst Mage, has had a successful time in Hellfire so far. Which is great because Akromah’s memories there are horrible – another reason why I waited ’til 60 to go through the portal. Akro and The Warlock went at 58.

Last night, The Rogue (Warlock’s alt) helped Leota down Arazzius the Cruel. Countless alts of ours went splut against him before. I was glad to have higher-level help.

Willy, The Rogue, Leota, Spike & Arazzius the Cruel

Willy, The Rogue, Leota, Spike & Arazzius the Cruel

She also camped out at the Stadium to win control of it back from the Alliance. See her ka-powing that Arcane Explosion to try and keep sneaky Allys from getting to her? Fight on the flag, that’s my motto. Of course, since we’re living in a level 80 world, nobody bothered her. And The Rogue was stealthed nearby. So not so much of an accomplishment. But it made for a nice screenshot!

Leota & Spike take the Stadium back from the Alliance. No, I don't have a level 73 rogue watching my back. Not at all.

Leota & Spike take the Stadium back from the Alliance. No, I don't have a level 73 rogue watching my back. Not at all.

I saw a frost mage one level lower than Leota who had his own water elemental. I was excited because, hey, who doesn’t get excited over the chance to have their very own minion? Unfortunately, because I spent 18 points in the Arcane tree to get Torment the Weak I won’t be acquiring a minion for a few more levels. Dropping Torment the Weak is not an option. Most of her mobs are slowed so the extra 12% damage is sweet!

All in all, Leota’s (and Spike’s) future is looking very bright. But I think once I get them out of Hellfire Peninsula, I’ll have a lot more fun with the game. I’m tired of Hellpiggies.

Leota, counting the levels 'til Northrend. (Six.)

Leota, counting the levels 'til Northrend. (Six.)

Leota’s journey has been mostly solo with a few dungeon runs hosted by higher level characters. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been leveling in a vacuum which troubles me because someday I’m going to have to learn to play well with others.

My question to you – what kind of skills should I be working on that will make Leota a good member of a group?

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  1. The Warlock permalink*
    March 11, 2009 11:06 am

    To make a mage a good member of a group, summon food and make sure you have plenty of portal stones to send the group home after a successful dungeon crawl.

    Did I mention summoning food? :p

  2. Cosmo The Fallacy permalink
    March 11, 2009 2:36 pm

    Anyone mention mages as vending machines, yet? And portal poppers.

    (Serious answer: Practice mage-kiting as much as possible. Try soloing mobs you have no business attempting and try to kill them without letting them touch you. Learn to *DANCE*) 🙂

  3. Marsella et al permalink
    March 11, 2009 2:52 pm

    Interesting question. I tend to level all my toons in a vacuum, as it’s the fastest way to level. Then I start pulling out and dusting off the spells that got next to no use while I was leveling. “Polymorph? Oh, jeez, yeah!” “Decurse? Oh my…I need that addon on this toon?”

    For a mage specifically…Don’t be a dick about being a vending machine. You have a table now! (There are guildmates of ours whose names I’m not mentioning who still don’t like to give out food even though all they have to do is click one button for it.)

    When you get in the fights, all you’re gonna have to know how to do is kill it. If you can keep it on the tank and off the healer while you do that, you’re ahead of the game. =)

    Also, on what Cosmo said…if it can be slowed, you can kill it. Three man elite? Fine, I’m on it!

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