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Wrath too easy? Not for me.

March 12, 2009

Firstly, this is courtesy of my Gannett colleague in Guam:

Time Trial: Bleach works to battle old bosses | | Pacific Daily News

I’m going to have to stop linking to this guy soon because I’m seriously starting to feel inadequate!

Sort of a related story, from WoW Insider:

Is Wrath too easy, or are we just better?

My quick answer: Depends on what kind of player you are! I think if you’ve been raiding for years and years, of course Wrath seems easy. There were leveling guides and Naxx walkthoughs released as soon as Wrath was, due to the huge number of people in the Beta.

But if you’re like me, not a raider — Molten Core and beyond were myths to me in vanilla WoW and my group couldn’t take down pre-nerf Zul’Aman in Burning Crusade — Naxx-10 was doable. Our guild’s trying to do its first EoE run on Saturday. We haven’t downed Sarth with any drakes up yet. We’ll get there, but we’re just slower about it.

WoW sites, WoW blogs, WoW forums are most often written and maintained by people who are really, really good at the game! (And then there’s me…) So it’s all too easy to read the posts and comments on those sites and think that the entire WoW player base is that darn good and that you, frankly, suck.

I know I don’t suck. I don’t think you do, either. 🙂

Programming note: I’m heading out of town tonight to visit my father in Florida, aka Retired Guy Land. I’m hoping to shed some of my pale gamer pallor and maybe find a bit of paradise. I’ll be back on Tuesday.

But never fear! I’m leaving you in the capable (albeit decomposed) hands of The Warlock while I’m gone.

Feel free to follow my Twitter if you’re interested in the minutiae of my trip and life in general.

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  1. March 13, 2009 8:53 pm

    I agree… if someone has been raiding in WoW for years and are used to the familiarity of boss mechanics that have been used again and again, it’s definitely going to be easier for them. For those who haven’t raided much or are new to it, I think Wrath might be more in the “just right” category. 🙂

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