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Undeath and You: Enter The Warlock

March 13, 2009

Good morning! With our resident Holy Paladin/World’s Worst Mage in Retired-Guy Land, it has fallen to me to add another exciting entry to the WoW blog. Mwahahahahaha. *cough, glances around, sheepish* Yes, right then.

I had considered what I was going to chat with you all about, given that I’m more a speaker than a writer, but then it came to me, suddenly, as if from divine inspiration (or really bad take-out late at night): an interview.

WoW Blog: Hi there, thanks for filling in for us today.

The Warlock: Glad to be here, thanks.

WoW Blog: So, I guess our first question should be, why an undead warlock? Out of all of the class and race combinations in World of Warcraft, why that particular character?

The Warlock: Well, other then the overwhelming urge to drain the life out of everything around me, I also enjoy the dark humor of the undead, especially the Apothecarium. Sure, they’re evil, they’re twisted, and they want to extinguish the Scourge and all living beings in one fell swoop, but they make it look so fun!

WoW Blog: Do you carry anything in your bags for luck?

The Warlock: I have a collection of skulls (extra quest items and greys) that I’ve picked up through the years. I also have a Gnome Effigy that I carry to remind me of my humble beginnings on the Alliance. And, well, there’s my wolpertinger.

WoW Blog: Achievement system, love it or hate it?

The Warlock: Can’t stand it; some of them are fun, some of them you pretty much get as you play through the game on a daily basis, but some cause such a focused dedication as to diminish the fun of the game at times. Hooray, you picked up 750 in-game pets, but do you actually know how to play your class?

WoW Blog: Speaking of playing your class, we’ve heard here at World of Warcraft Wanderings that you’ve actually returned to playing your rogue, any comment on that?

The Warlock: We’re all one big undead family. There’s myself, what we in the game like to call a “main”. And Embalmo the Great, (named Embalmo because it sounds like an undead clown), who has been getting a lot more play now that The Warlock is pretty well geared-out. I really started playing him again after Leota started seeing more daylight. I’ve always preferred leveling and questing to the max-level gear grind.

WoW Blog: Speaking of your rogue, before we go, what is one of your favorite memories of being a rogue?

The Warlock: Repeatedly sapping a tauren shaman during a duel for the better part of three or four minutes. (Hi!)

WoW Blog: Er, well, right. That’s all the time we have for today. Tune in some other time, when we inquire as to The Warlock’s intense hatred for squirrels and his continued mockery of the mage class.

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  1. Cosmo The Fallacy permalink
    March 13, 2009 10:12 pm


    /tauren shaman.

  2. Justin permalink
    March 17, 2009 7:24 pm

    Well done sir, well done.

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