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Mages gone wild!

March 20, 2009

So I spent four lovely evenings in Florida last week, and flew back Monday night.

Tuesday night I got the idea in my fool head to cool a real from-scratch dinner (except the garlic bread, which was cheaper to buy frozen) and by the time I cooked, ate, and somewhat cleaned, I was wiped.

Wednesday nights I have dinner with my Mom. It’s a standing weekly obligation. After dinner this week I got her set up on Facebook. Which is pretty darn cool. When I got home, I sunk into my chair and logged into WoW just to mine. By the time Akro flew from Dalaran to Sholazar, I was ready for bed.

Meanwhile, Leota’s pleading in my head: “Don’t let me linger too long…you’ll lose interest! I spent 2 years at level 39, remember?? Think about me! Think about SPIKE!!

Yesterday, I made the declaration loud and clear: Tonight, I do nothing. No laundry. No cooking. No cleaning. Tonight I get into my comfy elastic-waist pants and thick socks and I WILL get Leota to level 63. Or else she’ll wither away in Hellfire Peninsula. I have a bad track record with alts. (Remember Malerenne? She’s in Hellfire limbo, too.)

And I did. The Warlock did the cooking (to be honest, he usually cooks), and my elastic waist pants and I logged into WoW. Leota was waiting, a bit irritated with me. She did a few quests — lighting the braziers in the Great Fissure and retrieving Grillock’s eyepatch.

The Warlock came out to help with Grillock’s cave even though it’s easier now than I remembered it with Akromah. So after the killing was done, we had a quick romantic picnic, Hellfire Peninsula style.

♫ Love, Outlands style. ♫

♫ Love, Outlands style. ♫

Then my Mage “Jedi Master” whispered, “Want to do a runthrough or five?”

Turns out he’s leveling up enchanting and when you’re 60ish, you have no better friend in life than a level 80 who’s becoming an enchanter. He needed greens, I needed xps. So I agreed to be the tickbird on top of his rhino (a Death Knight) and off we went to Ramparts.

Ding 63!

Ding 63!

Whoa! Leota was rested all through that level too! So after we finished Ramps….

♫...and the rampart's red glare, cockroach flying in air...gave proof through the night, that Leota dinged there...♫

♫...and the rampart's red glare, cockroach flying in air...gave proof through the night, that Leota dinged there...♫

Leota turned in the 2 quests and we were off to Blood Furnace. After tearing that place up, we went to Slave Pens, where he switched to his level 80 mage and I saw exactly how powerful (and fun) the mage class can be.

Ding 64!

Ding 64!

Oops! Did she just level TWICE in one night? Yes, yes she did.

In the meantime, The Warlock’s rogue (aka The Rogue) reached level 80 while questing in Icecrown. So gratz to him!

Even though Leota was rested through a quarter of level 64, it was after 11 and my eyes were growing weary of watching the bodies drop around. So I thanked my Mage “Jedi Master” and went to bed.

It was a good night, indeed.

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  1. Justin permalink
    March 20, 2009 7:01 pm

    Thats great congrats on all the progress. Have that mage/roach to 80 in no time!

  2. March 21, 2009 5:34 am

    Haha this first picture had me cracking up, keep going you will level up real fast.


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