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Achievement Roll Call!

March 23, 2009

Monday already? No way!! Let’s pour some coffee (my new creamer tastes mildly alcoholic) and recap the WoW Weekend..

First up, Leota & Spike…

World's Worst Mage represents!

World's Worst Mage represents!

Three of these were due to Thursday’s runs, but the fourth one was received yesterday in Terokkar Forest right as she dinged 65. That was a pleasant surprise. Everything seems to be falling into place for Leota now. My guild’s been crazy-supportive and there are only 3 more levels in Outland until I can experience the beauty of Northrend.

Seriously, if you can purchase a pair of those +10%xp “heirloom” shoulders for an alt, do so. I swear they’ve made all the difference.

Akromah’s achievement has a funny backstory.

The Warlock’s rogue was out and about all weekend. He downloaded a new timer-type addon and wanted to test it out. So he and Akromah (who was cutting gems in Dalaran) ventured down to Crystalsong forest to set up a duel so he could see how his timers worked.

Fair enough. So Akro subjected herself to being sapped, blinded, poisoned, etc. All in the name of duty. Then, we got to killing each other.

She's Pally-licious!

She's Pally-licious!

Victory! Akro went 3-for-3. I’m not great at PVP, but for longevity you can’t beat a plate-wearing healer. He then volunteered to take Sengir (the actual warlock) out for a duel, but I didn’t have hours to play. This is how it goes when Akromah duels Sengir…

Affliction Warlock: Fear, DoT DoT DoT.
Holy Paladin: Trinket, Stun, Dispel Dispel Dispel, Judgment
Affliction Warlock: Fear, DoT DoT DoT
Holy Paladin: Arcane Torrent, Judgment, Whack Whack, Dispel Dispel Dispel, Judgment
Affliction Warlock: Fear, DoT DoT DoT, Drain, Mana tappy thing
Holy Paladin: Whack Whack, Heal, Shield Slam (’cause I’m getting angry)

(we repeat this for hours until the dogs have to go out)

Anyway, that’s Akro’s achievement.

Finally, we have Zarashuna.

Psht. Let's see if I get her to 20.

Psht. Let's see if I get her to 20.

Zara-whoona? Zara’s my hunter. I play her when I’m watching TV, letting my nails dry or otherwise afk. 😉 She dinged 10. If she ever dings 15, I’ll introduce you to her.

Enough about me…your turn! Big or small, Blizz-sanctioned or not, what milestones did you reach this weekend?

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  1. Brian Z. permalink
    March 23, 2009 1:53 pm

    Urg. Haven’t been in WoWville in, like, over a week (except for maybe a bit of desultory early-leveling on de Troll Huntah Mon).

    Funny you should use the word “milestones”, however, since this weekend mostly consisted of me making wrong turns, costing me miles out of my way and hours added on to an already hours-long drive. Bah.

  2. March 24, 2009 10:31 am

    I am such a wow Addict to I got around 1920 some achievement points already. I play in Shattered Halls Realm and i got a Warrior at level 77 almost 78 with fury spec. I can dual wield 2 handed swords its soo awesome.

    My mom thinks im crazy cause i spend all day in WoW lol. I got cooking Grand Master , Fishing is on Artisan taking forever to level only at 251 or so and my First Aid is grandmaster but i also have Tailoring and Mining as Professions and they are grand master as well.

    My Mounts i have 10 i made myself a flying carpet and only tailors can use them lol

    My mom shared me your site cause it was wow and i also downloaded WoW Desktop theme to lol.

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