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March 25, 2009
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Thanks to Samodean at Hardcore Casual for tagging me on this! I think this is my first official WoW meme tag! Have to write this date down in my WoW-blog baby book. 😉

“Tell us how you select your character names.”

I’ve been known to spend hours looking for the perfect name, only to find it’s been already been taken. So I end up mangling the spelling a bit, usually by adding an “ah” to it. All but Malerenne and Arairdnas have that “ah” sound.

Leota – I’m a pretty big Disney fan and if you’ve ever gone through the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World or Disneyland you’ll have met Leota – she’s the head inside the crystal ball in the seance room. I thought it was appropriate for an undead female.

Akromah – When I made the decision to roll a Blood Elf Paladin, I knew that even though she’d be Holy and use the power of “The Light” to attack and defend, she wouldn’t be as glorious and noble as her Alliance Counterparts. So I searched for names that represented holiness and wrath. I came across Akroma, the “Angel of Wrath” in the Magic:The Gathering card game. As I knew she’d have a skill called “Hammer of Wrath” and another skill called “Avenging Wrath” that gives her Wings, I knew that name would be a good fit. I added the “h” to the end because, naturally, my good idea was already taken.

Malerenne – I knew she’d be a shadow spec priestess most of the way through, so I wanted to pick an evil name. The “erenne” softens it up slightly and makes it feminine. She’s actually a Discipline priest now.

Sandriara – My retired alliance rogue, aka Sandy. I initially liked the name Cassandra (entangler of men…you could loosely apply it to a rogue who stuns and saps her victims). Naturally it was taken. So I just mussed around and ended up with Sandriara. I have a lowbie Blood Elf Rogue on my current server named Sandriara as well – I liked the name too much to let it go. I call her “Little Sandy.”

Arairdnas – Sandriara, but backwards. She’s currently a level 30-something Draenei mage.

Dolora – “Pain”, baby. She was a warlock that I never played. Now she’s a DK that I never play.

Zarashuna – Troll Hunter. Would you believe that this was a randomly-generated name? Since it fits in with the rest of my names and sounds vaguely trollish, I kept it for the first hunter I rolled. I’m currently on Zarazhuna the Second. Her pet Tiger is named Rajah, after Jasmine’s pet in Aladdin.

I’ve had a few jokey names too, like Esmoorelda (Tauren shaman), Akromoo (Tauren druid), Orcbama (Orc hunter, created and deleted early in the presidential election cycle. Wish I had kept that one.), and Ricky Martin (joke for a guildie). I’ve created a few that played off of my actual name (Kymba, Tauren warrior, and Cymberlei, Night Elf Druid – I still cringe at that one). But those characters were short-lived.

I currently have a level 5 Tauren Druid named Mahna Mahna.

Full disclosure: I wrote most of this before here. I did some tweaking this time around.

I know a lot of you guys don’t have WoW blogs, so feel free to answer in the comments below.

Blogger-wise, I’m going to tag The Warlock (and make him answer in his own post later), Gaming Diva and Sideshow & Syrana.

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  1. Shin Eisele permalink
    March 25, 2009 1:52 pm

    ahem…. of course the best names were from the footrace at the Shinakage Cup…but sure..whatevers.


  1. WOW: I’ve been tagged; What’s in a Name | Gaming Diva

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