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New WoW theme added to iGoogle Home Page!

March 27, 2009
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So when WoW Insider and Wired (along with almost every game blogger on Earth) reported that there was a WoW theme available for iGoogle I thought “yeah and…?”

Because I could have sworn that at one point I had a WoW theme on my iGoogle page. And I did. But it wasn’t an official one from Blizzard.

So I switched out from my Walt Disney World theme (shut up, it’s my happy place) to the new WoW theme.


My iGoogle page, artfully edited because although I like you all, I don't want you looking at my calendar or email.

A moment before I took this shot, it was a sickly green color and had a demon (Illidan?) at the top.

You can take a look at the different game themes here. There’s a nice variety of games, too. From Animal Crossing to Megaman to Zelda. I may have to give Mario a try next. He’s my second gaming love.

My first was Pitfall Harry.

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