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Five Quests that Knocked my Socks off

April 8, 2009

I’m the first to admit I’m not a fan of questing. (As opposed to The Rogue, who’s currently chasing the Loremaster title. He’s crazy.) I’d much rather carve a path of destruction across a swath of land than search three hours for two pristine yeti horns.

However, most of the quest lines in WoW are superbly thought out and written. Here, in no real order, are my five favorite:

1) The Lady’s Necklace / Journey to Undercity – Horde only, Ghostlands/Undercity, level 15.

While killing mobs near Windrunner tower, you find a pendant that was originally given to Sylvanas Windrunner (Dark Lady/Banshee Queen/Leader of the Forsaken) from her sister, Alleria. When you take it back to Tranquilien, you’re directed to return it to Sylvanas in Undercity.

The scene that follows is beautiful as Sylvanas sings a song in her Royal Quarter (Lament of the Highbourne) that mourns the loss of her past life and family.

WoW created a movie trailer around the Lament that you can watch here. It has cutscenes from Warcraft III that explains what happened to Sylvanas at Arthas’ hand.

You can also see the actual in-game event on YouTube.

2. Mystery of the Infinite / Mystery of the Infinite, Redux – Horde and Alliance, Dragonblight, levels 72 and 80.

In the first quest, Chromie, everyone’s favorite bronze-dragon-turned-gnome, you are instructed to defend an hourglass and discover the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight. You’re aided by level 80 “Future You,” which is a copy of your character. It’s an easy quest.

The coolness is the 2nd part that you get at level 80. This time, you go back in time to help “Past You” (a copy of you) do that first quest. Yes, there are gear and skill inconsistencies between Past You, You, and Future You but the fact that the follow-up was thought out and created is just awesome.

3. Abercrombie’s Tasks – Alliance-only quests in Duskwood, first quest available at level 20.

Abercrombie is an old man who lives on the western side of Duskwood. He needs things, but claims he’s too old to get them himself. The quests are your typical, boring, “bring me this! – bring me that!” tasks until the very end, when it’s revealed that he is the evil Embalmo Embalmer and you helped him create Stitches, an elite Abomination designed to flatten Darkshire.

This is the first quest line I remember as a human/dwarf that you realize that helping the NPC isn’t always a good thing and that twist still tickles me.

4. Anything involving Elling Trias, Master of Cheese – Alliance only, Eastern Kingdom, late-teens and late-twenties.

So you’re a Horde cook, and for your dailies, you keep going to Lucan Trias store in Dalaran to swipe wine and cheese. But unless you fish out of the fountain, you probably didn’t know that he’s related to Elling Trias, retired rogue and “Master of Cheese” in Stormwind City. You first encounter Trias after completion of the VanCleef/Deadmines instances. And because of his shady past, Elling is the point man for the Lost Diplomat series of quests. Elling reminds me of Michael Corleone. Everytime he thinks he’s out of the intelligence business, they pull him back in.

5. The Linkin Quest Line – Horde and Alliance, Un’goro Crater, first quest available at level 47.

You’ll get decent loot (Linkin’s Boomerang is great to carry if you have no ranged attack) and fantastic xps from this quest line, but it’s the homage to the classic NES game “Legend of Zelda” that really makes an impact to those of us older than 25. From the NPC gnome named Linkin who effectively starts the story to the name of the last quest in the line, “It’s dangerous to go alone”, you’ll find yourself humming the game’s opening song on more than one occasion.


We’re taking a week off from World’s Worst Mage Wednesday, as Madame Leota’s been gaining rested xp since hitting level 70. As she worked up her new Enchanting skill this weekend, she heard the strains of Sylvanas’ song though the corridors of the Undercity. She was drawn to listen, which inspired this post.

Leota listening as Sylvanas sings.

Leota listening as Sylvanas sings.

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  1. April 8, 2009 11:07 am

    My level 15 rogue Belf, Pastiche, is very interested to hear of this necklace you mention. Windrunner Tower you say? I believe I have some ghosts or something to kill there…how convenient…

  2. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    April 8, 2009 12:54 pm

    Nothing… *NOTHING*… in this game has surprised and touched me as much as the Wrathgate.

    It’s horribly cheesy… But I got chills. Honest-to-god GOOSEBUMPS. From a solo quest in an MMO, of all things.

    If you’re not there yet (it’s level 75), do yourself a favor and DO NOT look it up. Don’t even look at anything labeled Wrathgate… and forget this post. 🙂

  3. April 9, 2009 11:22 pm

    I really liked the Lady’s Necklace quest too. And I agree with Cosmo… the Wrathgate cut scene was.. xomg. Awesome. 🙂


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