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When it rains, it pours

April 10, 2009

Wednesday night I came home from work, eager to let the stress of the day melt away and take Leota out for a whirl. Minutes after I got home, my PC started beeping cryptically and the monitor went dark. I rebooted to discover a Keyboard error. But the keyboard was plugged in just fine.

I moved the keyboard to another USB port. Rebooted. Keyboard error.

Moved the keyboard to another USB port. Rebooted. Keyboard error.

Googled Dell keyboard errors, found a solution that worked for me a year or so ago. Powered the PC down for 10 minutes. Went to power it up — nothing.


After some diagnostics (and I mean that VERY loosely) The Warlock and I decided it’s a bad power supply. So we tossed on some shoes and head to the Cherry Hill Best Buy and bought a new power supply for about $100.

Back at the apartment, The Warlock installed it while I walk the dogs. Power!

Success! Yay!

Scared straight, I find my external hard drive and back up all of our photos & music. By that time I only had a little bit of WoW time left. I logged into the game for a quick auction scan. But my case fan started up and begins making a ton of noise!

So yesterday, The Warlock headed back to Best Buy after school let out and bought a new case fan for the PC. I met him for lunch at Chick-fil-A.

He installed the fan while I was at work and sent me an email saying the fan was running properly and quietly.

Success! Yay!

Last night, I logged into WoW and played Leota half-way through level 70. But overall, my PC performance was sludgy. So this morning before work, I re-installed my monitor diver (my display settings were wonky and my video card was running hot – I think it’s fallout from the weird power supply failure), defragged the hard drive and performed some light registry cleanup. It seemed okay, if still a bit warm for my liking.

This morning, The Warlock joined an OS-25 PUG on his PC and his display went wonky – all sorts of color splashes. He exited WoW and rebooted, but only part of his icons were loading. He warily swapped my video card into his computer and everything was ducky. D’oh.

So this afternoon, he and I went to lunch at Peace A Pizza, then went BACK to Best Buy to pick up a new video card & new fan for him. We also got a 2nd new fan for me, since my PC’s temperature was getting warm, too.

I have yet to hear from him. I’m a little bit frightened.

We’re both off from work next week (yay for vacation time!) so two fully-functional computers are a must. Although if one more thing goes wrong we’ll end up spending the equivalent of a 3 day cruise somewhere. :/

Expenses aside, I’m looking forward to a week off. I have no WoW goals other than to keep up Leota’s success and maybe get her Enchanting to Wrath-level.

Any plans for you?

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