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Achievement Roll Call!

April 13, 2009

Usually I cobble together this post early before work on Monday mornings or late Sunday nights. But I took some vacation time this week, so The Warlock and I are in easy, breezy Spring Break mode.

And although I’m not blogging from Daytona Beach, blogging while leisurely sipping my coffee from a cup instead of my travel Thermos is a very nice luxury.

As for my Achievement Monday…it’s lame this week if you only count the official Blizzard-recognized achievements. Our only entry in that case comes from the lovely Akromah.



She got that one by earning 10,000 gold through quest completion. Funny, because I’m not keen on questing.

But I’m more proud of the non-Blizz achievements. Akro spent some of her badges on the Protection Paladin chestpiece and gloves, so once dual-specs come out, she’ll just about be a Naxx-geared tank. Who has never tanked before. That should be fun.

Leota paid attention to her tailoring and finally got it to Northrend level. She swapped her Netherweave robe/gloves for the Frostweave set that she crafted herself. She also officially moved to the Dragonblight zone in Northrend and dinged 71!

My WoW plans for this week off include getting Leota’s enchantment as high as I can and catching up on all of the WoW blogs that have been backing up in my feedreader.

Your turn! Big or small, Blizz-sanctioned or not, what did you achieve this week? Did you hit a landmark level? Live through Frogger? See Deadmines for the first time? Shout it out below!

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  1. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    April 13, 2009 1:04 pm

    Unfortunately, the only achievement I got this weekend was [Internet Downtime]. Grr… The soonest the Comcast people could come fix it is this Wednesday.

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