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A rogue by any other name

April 21, 2009

(…would smell like feet. Especially if he were undead!)

Bwah! (ahem)

Anyway, I was explaining to the Warlock why I have titles turned off of my display interface. Some of them are just too darn long, and I got tired of everyone having the last name Jenkins. But speaking of last names…

I’m not an RPer out loud (in my head, my characters have different motives) but I wish I my characters could have last names, like I could in Asheron’s Call, City of Heroes and Dark Age of Camelot (twitch).

Akromah Lightchaser
Leota Delamorte

If your characters could have a last name, what would they be?

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  1. Rob permalink
    April 21, 2009 11:15 am

    Aside from teleports replacing flight points, last names has been a ‘gee, wouldn’t it be nice’ thought for me too!

    Pox Bloodsavage
    Drox Orion
    Cux Pendragon
    Nehi Anklebiter (my nod to gnomes)

    … of course Blizz could set it up to allow a unique account surname – you get to choose a last name but it is added to all your toons. That would allow more than one first name per realm – so no more adding an extra ‘a’ or putting an ‘x’ here or there… unless of course you happen to be a fan of names with X’s.

  2. April 21, 2009 11:28 am


    Because Grom Hellscream is my daddy. He has the heart of a true warchief, but his heart was tainted with blood of demons. I have the heart of a warchief too, but my skin was tainted with the blood of Enrique Iglasias.

  3. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    April 21, 2009 12:41 pm

    That’s a good question. I think I would have some difficulty with it, since I get self-conscious about overly-RP type names, but I also get annoyed with uninspired names (Imahunter) and stupid joke names (Imahuntard).

    For my three main characters, Fallacy, Whakko, and Schnukums:

    – Fallacy Cosmos
    For as egotistical as it is, I think that the best and most proper last name for Fallacy would be “Cosmo”. This works because I definitely have an internalized RP-thing going on when I play him, but it is just me projecting certain aspects of my own personality.

    -Whakko An’Dought. With his pet Yakko.
    While stupid joke names are annoying to me, that doesn’t mean I’m above having joke names. Jokes names are great if done correctly. The way to tell if a joke name is good or not, is when one person in a group laughs and the rest have no idea what’s so funny about your name. The same goes for pop culture references.
    Also… ANY reference to Lord of the Rings, Drizz’t Do’Urden, or Star Wars is an automatic FAIL.

    -Schnukums. Just Schnukums.
    “Schnukums” is known to be an alias. Her real first and last name are not known.

  4. Justin permalink
    April 21, 2009 3:24 pm

    It is so funny that this would come up on here. When I rolled my first toon picking the name took me hours. I wanted to find a name that was both meaningfull and explanitory, and a name. And ya know what, I couldn’t think of anything. The wifey suggested that I combine two words that showed the different aspects of the character I would be playing, she’s so smart right? So I finally came up with Tomment. A combonation of “to mend” and “torment” once I had that part down, my head filled with this character. I looked on the armory and I was the only one. Fit so well for a BE pally I thought, I so should have joined an RP realm. The last name came to me with a certainty that I cant really explain, it was just perfect. Yall are learned folk so I wont explain this part but thanks for letting me share.

    Tomment Axiomen

  5. Chris permalink
    April 21, 2009 4:04 pm

    You know, I hate RP servers so much. We have friends that play on RP and naysay us, but this is an action RPG afterall. Rp really has no place in this game. Anyhow, with tthat said, this is one aspect I would actually not mind, in an RP kinda way. My name woudl have to be Kanzawai Hingaza. I like reading fantasy novels, and some of the greatest names I have ever scome across are from the “Riftwar Trilogy” by Raymond Feist. My first name is actually a surname in the books, and the last name just fits, similar in aspect to many names put forth in his buts, yet still unique. I would agree with the statement before, the surname should be per account, but have the option to be modified per character, slight modifications per race really. That way everbody will stay somewhat unique.

  6. Larscelia permalink
    April 21, 2009 7:12 pm

    Haavok and I actually came off an RP realm. ‘Loreli’ was an RP name that I had actually neem using for something going on 5 years when my sister asked me to fix her WoW install, imadvertantly getting me into the game and hooked. When I first took up the name, no one on the net was using the same variation of it I was. When I finally got into WoW on the most populated RP realm the name had long since been claimed. So I ended up with Lorelitymara. Which is what you get when you run Loreli Tymara together in WoW. No one knew it was a first name and a surname, I got called Lorelity a lot. Or people got lazy and did the %t, this calling me by my ‘full name’, which was oddly irritating.

    On that note:
    Loreli Tymara
    Arliece Maenestries
    Larscelia Sagewhisper

    There’s an addon called FlagRSP, that allows you to display a name before and/or after your actual screen name. As well as noting details about your character and an RP ‘flag’. Such as ‘in character’, out of character’, ‘storyteller’ etc. Of course, it only displays to others with the addon.

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