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Beating a dead bunny

May 5, 2009

During today’s downtime Blizzard will be making a few changes to Ulduar. Yawn. Visit WoW Insider for details on that, plus entertaining comments on the weeks-old argument of how hard Ulduar should be.

In a nutshell, it’s this:

On the day I ding 80 I should be able to go afk and autoattack and still beat Ulduar in my quest blues. Actually, I deserve a share of the Ulduar raiders’ loot just for logging in!


You should perma-death upon zoning into Ulduar unless you signed a contract in your own blood pledging to raid at least 15 hours a week. Go back to Peggle, you stupid noob.


In the interest of fair and balanced blogging and to help you kill time until the servers are back, here are some other viewpoints on Noblegarden’s Bunny Maker achievement.

Cosmic Geek: My actual opinion on Shake your Bunny-Maker

Feministing: Wow, That’s Boring. Let’s Add Sexism!

Sideshow and Syrana: Shake Your “InsertNounHere” Maker

The Pink Pigtail Inn: I should be mad but I’m not

Forbearance: Panzer Tank and Bikinis: Part 1 and 2

Player versus Developer: Searching for Fun in Noblegarden

It’s just a game. 😉

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  1. Derek permalink
    May 5, 2009 2:29 pm

    If you really sit and think about it, all the fights are impossible even not being nerfed. It just time to figure out the fight and find the right group composition for each fight. My guild wiped tons of time on the Assembly of Iron or whatever it is called. And the reason was, we didn’t have a healer that can put up huge healer on the tank that is holding Steelbreaker. We only got maybe 6 bosses down in Ulduar.

  2. Derek permalink
    May 6, 2009 2:03 pm

    Sorry MT, “all the fights are possible”

    Sorry for double post but was just reading what I wrote.

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