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My Relics of Ulduar

June 2, 2009

Saturday our intrepid group of 10 ventured into Ulduar for a serious try. The difference is, we’re not such a serious guild. So we established a few ground rules to make sure we had the best shot at success but still had fun. Notably…

1) Bring your best character, gear & skill wise.
2) We give each boss 5 all-out tries. If we fail after 5, we move on. If this means the raid ends, it ends and we go do something fun.

Both rules act to save our sanity, especially the 2nd one. Many of us have a limited amount of time to play and don’t want to spend 3.5 hours doing nothing but failing. It’s a game and we treat it as such. We still progress.

Anyway, here was our group:

Tanks: DK and prot pally
Healers: Resto Shaman, Holy Pally (me!) & special appearances by the shadow priest, as needed.
DPS: 2 rogues, 1 hunter, 1 druid, 1 mage, and the aforementioned shadow priest. Don’t ask me DPS specs. Dual-spec has ruined my memory.

On the way to Flame Leviathan, we got the Dwarfageddon achievement. Nerdrage!!!! As far as the “main event” is concerned we downed Flame Leviathan on the 4th try. We tried at first to DPS it down without shooting someone on top, but I don’t think our collective gear was high enough to elevate all the machines’ armor to the point where we could survive a longer fight.

I love FL. Wanna know why?

This never happens.

This never happens.

That’s why. Akromah on TOP of the DPS charts, baby! Most of the credit goes to The Rogue who was driving, but I’d like to think my hours spent in Wintergrasp helped with the vehicle combat.

My stars, that’s a beautiful damage meter. I think I’m going to put it in the sidebar.

/wipes a tear from her eye

Next we ventured to the Deconstructor whom I think I babysat a few times in my teens. And he went down like a little baby on the 5th (and therefore final) try, giving us the Nerf Engineering achievement.

As a holy paladin, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Blizzard for the “DPS the heart” portion of the event. With a Seal of Wisdom and a Judgment of Wisdom on the heart and a Divine Plea on myself, I was at full mana by the time that brat came back to life.

And look what he dropped! The Pulsing Spellshield! The tooltip is wrong, it should be 45 stam, 45 int, 69 sp, 34 haste, 42 crit. It’ll be corrected in today’s patch.

Hmm…what kind of healer carries a shield! A holy pally!

(And a resto shaman.)

But the shammy got a chestpiece from FL and is all kinds of awesome, so I got the shield. It replaces my Aegis of Damnation.

It does not match the mace.

It does not match the mace.

He also dropped Treacherous Shoulderpads that The Rogue picked up. But until he starts blogging too, this is about MY LOOTZ!

Thus ended day 1. I’m not sad in the least that my mace no longer matches my shield.

Sunday we ventured in and faced Razorscale. After collaborating on different strategies and realizing that the fire MOVES, we got her down on the 4th try.

And look what she dropped!

Breastplate of the Afterlife! Damn, it’s good to be a holy paladin. Since the tank-pally’s other spec was ret, the chestpiece came to Akromah.

This again? (sigh) Time to buy a shirt.

This again? (sigh) Time to buy a shirt.

Seriously, people. If you want loot to fall from the skies…roll a holy paladin.

Then we moved toward Ignis, wiping once on the trash. Gah!

Unfortunately, our run ended after we wiped twice on Ignis. Wow…it was horrible. Fire, fire everywhere. Guildies running around, people dying in the crotch pot. We need to study up on that one a bit.

So far, having taken down 3 of the 120 (okay, 13) bosses, I can truly say I enjoy Ulduar. It’s meatier than Naxx, and I’m not one of those who say Naxx was easy. I enjoy being a healer on the move instead of planted in one spot the whole boss fight.

(warning! healer-centric sentence ahead!)

I also enjoy fights where the DPS have to do more than just pew pew away. Welcome back to the thinking player’s world, guys.

(back to normal fun non-judgmental mode!)

Our next Ulduar boss is in two weeks, and I’m darn confident we can down Ignis and get the The Siege of Ulduar achievement.

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  1. Fynralyl permalink
    June 2, 2009 4:43 pm

    Happy LOOTZ! Grats on all that… makes me soooo jealous that 1) my newer holy pally is so not geared for Ulduar and 2) my guild is also so not geared for Ulduar. But! Those lootz will be mine someday too!

  2. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    June 2, 2009 5:10 pm

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Flame Leviathan and the trash leading up to it.

    That right there makes me appreciate Ulduar, head-and-shoulders above Naxx. There just seems to be more… I dunno… *personality* to Ulduar that makes it more interesting to me.

  3. June 2, 2009 5:31 pm

    grats on the phat lewtz!! if you are looking for a new shirt, there is a vendor in dalaran that sells some fancy new designs that a vendor in Dalaran sells. sure, they are a bit pricier than the tailored ones, but i found one that mached my armor so well, you could hardly tell i had one on. our guild has had some issue with Ignis as well… we got him down last week and just could not do it this week. there are so many different strategies out there for him as well i guess you just gotta find one that works for your group. what is good is that he is not a necessary boss in order to move into the next area, so even if you fail at him a few times, you can technically still move on.

  4. June 2, 2009 6:41 pm

    GRATZ!!! I’m jealous like you wouldn’t believe! I’ve only gotten one drop from Ulduar so far, ironically same boss, different item. Not a real upgrade, especially when breaking a set bonus.

  5. June 10, 2009 5:49 pm

    Grats on your upgrades, the shield is very comparable to the Voice of Reason from KT 25, it was actually better pre nerf.

    Main things with Ignis….
    – Ranged stays stationary in the middle of the pools
    – Main Tank kites boss around the raid after scorched earth
    – Scorched earth should be done in a 4 corner pattern
    – Don’t cast when flame jets is ending
    – Have a slag pot healer
    – Adds should be kept down to 2 at most
    – Off Tank picks up and kites adds into flames, a Druid can root them until them becom molten
    – Moltens adds have an aggro wipe and must be re taunted
    – Molten adds are moved into the water and become brittle 50% crit chance against them
    – One ranged DPS crit of 5K will shatter them
    – Burn the boss, heroism/bloodlust right when MT establishes threat

    As long as adds are quickly dealt with and kept off healers the fight is pretty simple. If too many adds are up at once, then Ignis will start to crush the tank making it a tough heal. I have played this fight as tank and heals on my Paladin, and DPS on my mage, its intimidating at first, but not as bad as it seems.

    Reilu of Meliora on US-Maelstrom

  6. Arshé permalink
    June 16, 2009 2:20 am

    Congratulations! You’ll find Ulduar to can be a love/hate relationship (I think Freya is my fave fight)! Be sure to keep people on their toes when you meet Cat Woman! And no matter what, don’t get discouraged; keep at it 😀

    Nice Recount of Ignis Reilu! Its quite obvious that you are an excellent leader…course I am slightly bias.

    Be well all and Go for gusto!


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