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World's Worst Mage Wednesday – Reflections

June 10, 2009

I didn’t get home until 9:30 last night, so I didn’t intend on playing Leota, World’s Worst Mage at all. But the Argent Tournament quests aren’t hard to do, so I played for an hour and pushed her a little farther toward 80.

At this rate, she’ll most likely hit level 80 tomorrow night. (I’m out again this evening for my weekly dinner with Mom. Real Life > WoW.) It’s somewhat fitting that this happens during school graduation season here in the USA.

Leota and Spike take a breather in Dalaran.

Leota and Spike take a breather in Dalaran.

Some reflections about the Road to 80*…

1) Heirloom Shoulders

Leota came over to this server at level 39, and it took me about a year and a half to get her to 49. Granted, I was leveling up Akromah at the time but still it was pretty pathetic. I bought her the heirloom shoulders in February and that’s when she really started to take off. She was already getting the in-game bonus for being under level 70. That 10% xp shoulder bonus was such a help and a real motivator too.

Leota has a pair of level 78 blue shoulders in the bank waiting for her. The heirloom shoulders will be passed down to either Malerenne, my languishing level 60-something priest or maybe a baby warlock. (I suck at warlocks, yet I keep rolling them and deleting them.)

Meanwhile, Akromah’s going to keep collecting emblems and buy a pair of the shoulders in leather, in case I decide to stick with Zarashuna (lvl 10 hunter) or raise up a rogue.

2) Solo survivability

A big reason I was frustrated with Leota was because I was completely spoiled by Akromah and her survivability. Leota’s a lot more fragile, and I didn’t always have the benefit of having someone else with her to tank for her or heal her. Switching from a fire build to a frost/arcane build really helped with that. Sure the damage was lower, but you can’t do damage when you’re constantly running back from the graveyard.

3) Bad reputation

Here’s a downside to her quick (for me) leveling – she’ll have to grind a lot of rep post-80. The leveling enabled her to leave a zone before I finished its quest lines. Some zones are completely untouched. At 80, Akromah was almost exalted with Wyrmrest Accord and the Argent Crusade from doing the quest lines and opening up the dailies “earlier”.

4) Pew-pew -> more group success

It’s funny…at this point in her career Leota has more Wrath dungeon achievements than Akro did at 79.
a) More DPS spots than heal spots in 5-person groups – Duh.
b) Easier to take a chance on a DPS than a healer – This might sound sour-grapes, but it’s not. In WoW, Akromah came of age at the same time the rest of the guild did. If you’re tackling a dungeon (regular or heroic) for the first time, you’re going to want a healer who can handle everything that’s coming your way, single target AND AoE. You’re going to want to bring a holy priest or a resto druid. Remember, Akromah’s Holy Light AoE glyph can’t heal a group up like pre-nerf Circle of Healing could. Enter a few holy priests who volunteered for EVERY 5-person dungeon run (Guild Drama Cat quietly “mrowrs” in the corner, warning me to hold my bitter, bitter tongue) and you get a pally with a lot of gaps in her achievement list.

5) Companionship

If you’re going to spend all your time with someone, make sure they’re as resilient as a cockroach. Spike rules.

* From Blizzard Pictures, it’s the buddy film hit of the summer! Laugh and sing along with Bng Croz’b, Bob Hopeslayer and D’aurathy LaMana as they travel the “Road to Eighty!” Special Guest star: The Icestone! It’s melted!

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