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World's Worst Mage in Naxx!

June 20, 2009

It’s the World’s Worst Mage’s first time in Naxxramas. So I’m going to try to liveblog this. Remember, we are a casual raidy guild, so this might seem slow to some of you. Also, most recent activity is at the top of the post.

Loatheb down and World's Worst Mage is pleased!

Loatheb down and World's Worst Mage is pleased!

1:50am Party’s over for the evening…Loatheb went down like a rock, and I did 2800dps for that fight. I finished the evening with about 1600. Not bad, not great. I picked up the Sulfur Stave, which I’ll probably keep over the Charmed Cierge because I NEED the hit.

1:34am Heigan is down. We did the cheater-way of having the ranged stand at the upper right of his platform and the melee stand at the bottom left during phase one, then we all dance through phase 2.

1:13am: Noth the Lootbringer!

1:03am Finally got Maexxna down. I am tired, but the Plague quarter awaits!

12:24pm: Maexxna’s Nest. I neither snacked nor drank tonight.

12:15pm: Faerlina down. Mage getting sleepy.

Facing down Faerlina

Facing down Faerlina

12:01am: Wiped on Widow…we killed the adds first and, well, didn’t go well. Release, repair, run back!

11:47pm: And Anub’Rekhan is down! No loots for the mage, which means I’m not feeling like a Loot-Hoover anymore. My DPS is hovering around 1500. They’re carrying me. :/

11:37pm Horsemen are down! The back was easy… very much like a training dummy. I pew pew away and make absolutely no impact on the boss’s health bar! I picked up the Charmed Cierge, which just looks neat! Want Naxx-10 loot? Either roll a holy paladin (Akro’d have made a killing again tonight) or level up an alt once your guildies’ alts are all grown and geared.

11:31pm Why hello, Four Horsemen! I’m in the back corner, apparently. This can’t miss. Guildie: “You’ve never been back here before?” Uh…no. I’m usually healing the tank, remember? Good times. 🙂

11:16pm: And Gothik is down!

11:06pm: That’s a wipe. Needed one more DPS on Dead Side. We’ll rectify that. The Rogue’s headed to Dead Side. Feeling snackish.

11:01pm: Here’s Gothik and I’m on Dead Side. We’re evenly split, 5 and 5. This can’t miss.

10:57pm: Reading the drinks thread and feeling thirsty.

10:49pm: And he’s down! He didn’t drop the pants, but he dropped Mantle of the Extensive Mind instead! I rolled and won. It pays to be far behind the loot curve!

10:35pm: We have a tank who’s never done the mind control thing before, so we had two false starts. Meanwhile, I’m hoping the Instructor drops his pants.

10:25pm: Hello, Instructor Razuvious. Wait…you mean all I have to do is go all-out on you and not worry about keeping up your understudies while gnashing my teeth? Faboo!!!

10:10pm: And we’re off to start the Military Quarter!

Spike and Leota make it to the Big Time. Well, Big Time is Ulduar now. So...second big time?

Spike and Leota make it to the Big Time. Well, Big Time is Ulduar now. So...second big time?

9:57pm: (sigh) I failed at polarity and died, but got the Construct Quarter achievement! Now to reboot and bring up Deadly Boss Mods, because that is my crack.

In Thaddius’ room. Putting the sticky notes on the monitor. My dps is 1399 for the night. Not great, but not as bad as it could be.

9:44pm: Gluth down. I didn’t have to kite, but one of the other mages told me before the fight I could switch back into my Frostfire damage spec. Uh, I was in my dmg spec. Picked up the Timeworn Silken Band to replace Ring of the Traitor King.

9:34pm: Grobb down! No loots for mage. (please don’t make me kite the zombies on Gluth…I’ve always healed tanks and never saw how the back end works…please!)

9:29pm: Heere’s Grobbulus! Back to Frostfire spec.

9:24pm: Patch down. No loots for mage.

9:15pm: Wiped on Patch with just a sliver of health left. Shammy popped to rez the group.

9:12pm: Leota went to Frost spec so the priest/shammy heal combo could have replenishment.

9:00pm: And we’re off! Starting in Construct Quarter.

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  1. June 22, 2009 1:30 am

    Thanks for doing the frost on Patchy. =) It really does help a lot.

    And I’m looking forward to seeing the second half.

  2. June 22, 2009 7:09 am

    I, uh, didn’t blog the second half. I forgot. But it’d go:

    9:10pm: Hello, Sapphiron! (mage slowly turns into frostsicle)

    9:20pm: Hello, Sapphiron! (mage remembers to keep her Frost Ward up, and we win!)

    9:30pm: Hello, Kel’Thuzad! (We win! And mage gets a wand.)

  3. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    June 22, 2009 2:39 pm

    For the hunter:

    9pm-2am First night: Pet attack, auto-shot, watch TV. Top the DPS meter. Acquire lootz.

    9pm-10pm Second night: Pet attack, auto-shot, watch TV. Top the DPS meter. Acquire 4th piece of T4.


  4. Embalmo the Rogue permalink*
    June 22, 2009 7:49 pm

    For The Rogue:

    9pm-2am First Night: beat the hunter on the dps meter.

    9pm-10pm Second Night: continue to beat the hunter on dps meter.

    Both nights: rogue and hunter stand in awe of pet, and realize that they could BOTH go watch tv.


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