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Undeath and You: Enter the lolmage

July 16, 2009

/saps your normal hostess

I hate mages.

I really, really do.

White hot, searing, passionate hatred.

My hatred of mages stems from two sources – one, I’ve played a warlock for almost four and a half years (first a gnome, now an undead), and, well, warlocks hate mages, mages hate warlocks. It is what it is. I’ve also played a rogue for that long, and once upon a time, rogues HATED mages in PvP for the whole “leap around and cast frost nova and arcane nova and WHY WILL YOU NOT JUST LEAP OFF THAT CLIFF OVER THERE AND DIE DIE DIE!?!?”


When I played EverQuest, I played crowd control classes (bard and enchanter), and I was really good at it. My strengths in these games has always been that of utility. In theory, then, a mage should come naturally to me, sheep, crowd control, etc. But it doesn’t, not even a little bit. I’ve started six mages, deleted five before they hit level 30, almost always in fits of extreme rage.

Enter mage the sixth – Corpus. He’s been a bit of a joke in the guild, 1, because he was started about two years ago and stopped in his late 30s (hey, at least he didn’t get deleted!), and 2, because the lock/rogue rolled a mage.

A year ago, my account got hacked, a bunch of guildbank stuff was taken, and a few of my characters were deleted, including Corpus. Long story short, stuff was returned, characters were restored. As I’ve said before, each of my characters has a different personality; Embalmo is the swashbuckling clown/adventurer, Sengir is bent on world destruction. Corpus, though, has never been quite right since his return from the Nether. He lost more than a few of his marbles while floating out in the void, so when he came back, he was fairly well content to hang out in the Undercity, watching the world go by.

Summer Festival kick-started the lolmage. What’s that you say? Free experience for just running around the world while also getting exploration experience? Well, then, sign me up! After the Festival, Corpus was almost 50, and I had a bit of an interest in leveling him. He’s now about half a level away from 70 and, even more surprising, I’m enjoying him. Personality wise, it’s been even more fun; with each level, he gains a bit of himself back from the Nether. He’s joined the Royal Apothecary Society (herbalism/alchemy), so now when he’s not out adventuring, he’s hanging out with Apothecary Keever, learning the trade.

“What is this? Did Keever ask for a sheep? Keever wanted a weapon of great power and all he got was this sheep. Keever is very disappointed.”

So, now that you’ve heard my tale of the up and coming lolmage, what about you? Has there been a class you’ve hated that you still might hate (I still hate mages), but have also come to enjoy playing? Is there a class that you never really fit, then just did one day?


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  1. Mike_NJ permalink
    July 16, 2009 11:34 am

    I too played EQ – my main was a Bard, my two primary alts were a paladin and a cleric. Also had a berserker, a druid, an enchanter, and a couple mages.

    When I got into the first Stress Test for WoW in August? 2004 I was stoked. I don’t remember who got created first, the mage or the paladin, but I know on Retail Release, the paladin was first, the mage second.

    I love the WoW mage and paladin, and quitemuchly dig the hunter and death knight. I quite like the shaman, mostly OK with the rogue, decent with the warlock, slightly less than OK with the warrior, and “OMG get it away from me” with my priest.

    I’ve always hated the WoW priest. It just bores me to tears. My priest was created on Christmas Eve 2004, and only just hit 29 in May of this year. Pretty bad huh.

    I’m still not a huge fan of my warlock, because I can’t find a happy medium between nuking mage and sit-back hunter. I did have a large jump of warlock levelingness during one of those patches where warlocks got a reset and talent shift, and jumped from around 21 to 45ish. Now at 51, though, after a bunch of Strat-boosting, I’m too focused on my current 80s to drop back very often.
    I also can’t always get into my warrior.
    Originally I hated the shaman. But when Draenei came around, I loved the class – probably because I didn’t hate the starting zone.

    My rogue is a fun dude to play, but I can’t take him in long stints. I think the longest I went levelling him at a shot was 43 to 47 – otherwise he gets 1-2 levels at a shot. Sometimes less!

    On one hand, I dislike being an “altoholic.” It only helps to strengthen my in-game packrat-ness 😉
    On the other, with my life situation, work, girlfriend, etc, it’s harder to concentrate on just one, because my playtime is so staggered, stilted, and random. (You wouldn’t know it from some of the things I post here though, huh?)

  2. July 16, 2009 2:32 pm

    I think there is a class that will catch on early for people and they just stick with it, and others that will not, but with patience, most classes can be rewarding to play in the later levels.

    I had 4 70s in BC, my first being a rogue, then a mage. My mage became my main and I raided all of SSC/TK, BT/Hyjal, and just started Sunwell when WotLK hit. After that I had a 70 Paladin and Priest. My Paladin sat for a while at level 30 then as I leveled him I started to appreciate the class much more and became main tank for ZA bear runs, I had just as much fun on my alt as my main. My current main is still my mage in Ulduar 25s.

    My priest I deleted 3 times at level 12, then finally decided to stick with it and I am so glad I did, Priests have so much to offer later on and are fun to heal with.

    I have been playing a few other alts recently which have been sitting and bringing them up to OL/NR levels and think “why wasn’t I playing this before?”

    In my off time online from raiding which I do a lot of, the alts break things up and will give me options on future mains. 🙂

  3. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    July 16, 2009 3:17 pm

    I used to really hate (and hate ON) hunters. Mostly because of the perceived (and actual) “huntards”.

    Then I started (back in early BC-days) to run with people who played hunters, and played them to the HILT. They squeezed every bit of utility out of the class, while still pulling some of the DPS in the group. These guys were not “huntards”, they were *good*. This made me stop being so vocal about hating hunters. Mostly.

    On a whim one day, I rolled a hunter. it was mostly as a joke on a couple of fellow guildies, actually. Their names both ended with “-akko”, so I jokingly rolled a “huntard” and I named him “Whakko”. Out of boredom and whimsey, I started running quests. I figured out almost immediately WHY there were so many “huntards”. Being a hunter is *easy*. I had previously leveled a Shaman (as resto, no less) and a priest, so the ease at which I blew through the early levels without so much as a pause, much less any help, was AMAZING to me. It was also a surprising amount of fun.

    It wasn’t too long before I really fell in love with this crazy character. Since I, too, am really an RPer at heart, I always enjoyed playing up the name of this character. I was, in effect, a parody of the classic “huntard”. But I also wanted to be as good as those guys who had shown what cool things a hunter can do when they use the class to it’s fullest. this was also about the time that we found out that Beast Master hunters would be able to tame exotic pets, including Devilsaurs. This was just too sexy to pass up. 🙂

    So now I have a self-professed “huntard”. I secretly try to be as excellent at the class as I’ve seen others be, but if (when) I fall short of that mark… It’s ok! I’m a huntard! Also… I have GIGANTIC FREAKING DINOSAUR. Which rules.

  4. July 17, 2009 9:17 am

    (dozily returns to conciousness)

    Ow…you don’t have to SAP me to post. I told you that…

    Well, we all know that Leota took the long and winding road to 80, mostly due to fits of “I hate this mage!!” I WANT to have a warlock, but I never get one past 20. I’ve had at least four warlocks, all dead at 20.

    I’ve done my share of dumping on hunters too, but my Zarashuna seems to level without much effort and WITH a lot of fun on my part.

  5. July 19, 2009 9:00 am

    After i had my hunter and shaman up to 70 in BC, i rolled a mage and a priest together. i figured i would run one for a bit and then run the other while one rested. this worked ok for a while except i was finding that in the beginning my priest was a lot less fun to play, so he slowly started to drag behind level wise. i dont know exactly what level he was when he became fun… but after a pretty long break for both of them (i dont think i played either for months when wrath hit and they were both around 56). well, now my mage is sitting around waiting to be played again and i have just recently rediscovered my priest and he is fun to play!

    I got out to northrend this weekend and he was out just minding his own business and here comes this Belf pally that likely thought to himself, “ha! a clothie! easy honor!” and he ganked me. i was thinking the same thing “man, this plate wearing jerk is gonna 2 shot me and i’m gonna have to run back to my body. how far away is the graveyard from here??” … but wait… yea – he died! I ended up questing in the same area as him a little later in the day and waved. no grudge here.

    then later i got pulled by 2 DK’s… now i am not so uber that i survived this one, but i did get one of them before i died. i am not used to being able to really beat anyone in PvP (every once in a while i get a nice even one on one with someone and manage to pull a win out of you know where with my shaman or my hunter… but i am convinced that the other player probabably had lag or something), so i was really quite excited about all of this.

    and to answer your question, even though it took me forever to really get into playing my priest, i definately enjoy him a lot more now and am only 9 levels from 80.


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