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Sam Raimi to direct WoW movie

July 22, 2009

Sam Raimi, director of all the Spiderman flicks, Evil Dead, a bunch of other movies that make geeks quiver and bringer of the line “This is my boomstick!!!” will be directing World of Warcraft’s first big-screen effort.


I’m not the biggest fan of movies, but this? This is interesting. In 2008, Uwe Boll made a play to bring WoW to the big screen, but was shot down hard We’re talking Ulduar-25-with-18-towers-up-and-a-blind-healer hard. Take a look at his IMDB entry to figure out why.

The idea of a WoW movie fills me with questions. When I log into the game, I see it as something that we all are a part of. Yes, Blizzard dictates the storylines and Blizzard puts the words into Thrall’s mouth but we are the paid extras that make it all work. After all, what would an MMORPG be if nobody showed up to play?

Will it reflect the vibrant community that we have created on Blizzard’s territory? Will Stormwind and Orgrimmar be filled with people heckling their wares and looking for adventuring parties?

Or will the movie be a complete Alliance tonguebath, like most of the books?

Finally, and I realize I am completely going into tinfoil hat mode for this one…take a look at the WoW EULA, part 4A (bolding mine):

A. All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the Game and all copies thereof (including without limitation any titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialog, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork, character inventories, structural or landscape designs, animations, sounds, musical compositions and recordings, audio-visual effects, storylines, character likenesses, methods of operation, moral rights, and any related documentation) are owned or licensed by Blizzard.

Does this mean that this WoW movie could feature an undead rogue named Embalmo? Could there be an undead mage with a cockroach sidekick? Can they take some of the stories on the RP blogs and copy them right into the flick?

Crazy questions like mine will have to wait, since the movie won’t begin production until Spiderman 4 finishes, and Spiderman 4 isn’t shooting until 2010.

More info:

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  • Ain’t It Cool News – AICN Exclusive Confirmed: Sam Raimi is going to direct WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!! (nice to see they still have the creepy Harry animation in the top left corner.)
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    4 Comments leave one →
    1. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
      July 22, 2009 12:23 pm

      I can see it now:

      The plot involves a small, but wily, group who decide that it is up to them — and them alone — to ensure that the immanent threat from Ulduar is dealt with and all of Azeroth saved from certain Doom…

      The conflict arises when our plucky heroes find that they cannot convince the 3-4 members of the group to put aside their considerable damage-dealing prowess to instead heal the raid. High Drama Ensues!

    2. July 22, 2009 1:07 pm

      I’ll admit to having watched some of Uwe’s movies. I’ll even admit to having at least been entertained by one or two. But I will not admit to any of them having any replay value in the slightest! His movies suuuuuuuck!!! If it wasn’t for Germany having a budget to assist German made films the guy wouldn’t even have a job.

      I’ve been following the Warcraft movie rumor for years now. You have no idea how happy I am that they got someone like Sam Raimi, especially since there’s a good chance he’ll cast Bruce Campbell and have him equip this little item…The Boomstick! 🙂

    3. Whodaprey? Joodaprey! permalink
      July 23, 2009 6:44 pm

      I’m thinking it would probably be something along the lines of a Main Character from Horde (probably Orc) that is a great fighter but not very high ranking. Like a grunt or something. We follow him and his 4 friends (Belf, Troll, Tauren, and Undead) and they attempt to just live out adventures. As this is going on we ALSO follow a Human from Stormwind, who also has 4 friends (Dwarf, Gnome, Nelf, Dranai)… As both sets of friends go on living their “Normal” life a higher threat (That of something along the lines Like The Lich King, Illidan, and whatnot (possibly alot of the top End-game bosses combined…?) threaten Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and all Citys/Factions alike… As many prior groups fail to stop the epic force of evil, and all hope seems lost, The two groups of friends put aside their differences and join forces to destroy the evil and restore all that is good to Azeroth…. Or something along those lines….

      Embalmo’s #1 Fan,

    4. July 28, 2009 1:25 pm

      I’m super excited about the Wow movie, and I think sam raimi is an excellent choice. I didn’t even realize he directed 2 of my favorite movies (The Quick and the Dead and For the Love of the Game) until I checked his IMDB. I trust him to do a good job. . .you know, not like spiderman 3.

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