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Breaking the WoW slump: Setting short term goals

July 29, 2009

July is waning and as I expected, I’m making mental preparations to get back into World of Warcraft. If you don’t play WoW you’re thinking to yourself, “She’s really overthinking this…it’s a game!” To which I respond, “I overthink everything that’s unimportant, silly!”

Here is the state of my account as of today.

Akromah: Level 80 paladin. Geared out in all Naxx-10 with 2 pieces of Ulduar gear. All holy, all the time, but has a prot spec just in case.

Leota: Level 80 mage. Some heroic gear, some Naxx-10 gear. No reputation to speak of. Ran Naxx-10 once, Eye of Eternity once, and Archavon/Emalon once.

Malerenne: Level 62 priest, lost in Hellfire peninsula. Currently has no talent points spent.

Zarashuna: Level 14 hunter.


What do they all have in common, besides the female suffixes on their names? They have no immediate goals! And there, Internet, is my aha moment.

Akromah’s exalted with everyone she needs to be exalted with and has enough Champion’s Marks to purchase the new charger in 3.2. But 3.2’s going to completely change the way I play her, with the changes in mana return and the 5% nerf to intellect. Siha goes into the changes in fantastic detail at Banana Shoulders, complete with the crying holy paladin picture. Which means it’s bad. So at the moment, Akromah’s in limbo.

My only goal with Leota was to get her to 80. I wanted to “get things right” with a character that once meant so much yet did nothing for 2 years. I wanted a level 80 mage and I got one. Now…what to do with her?

Malerenne was leveled as high as she is because a goal of mine at one time was to have all four healing class characters (pally, priest, druid, shaman) at 80, ready to fill any healing role necessary. Yeah. That’s crazy talk, isn’t it? I’m older and wiser now.

And Zara? Well, she’s my timewaster. And a hunter, to boot.

Setting Goals

So in order to get back in the saddle, here are some short-term goals for my girls…

Akromah: Get bubbly! Try out that Paladin Bubble Spec Siha blogged about. While I’ll miss the gorgeous crit heals that had my guild ooohing and aaahing, mitigation seems to be a big factor in Ulduar.

Leota: Get hit capped! She’s only at 292 in her frostfire “grouping” spec and she should be at 368. This article on about reaching the hit cap has gear suggestions, and if I’m good at anything in this life, it’s checking things off of lists. This’ll also give me an excuse to get her out into the heroic content that she skipped on her way to Naxx & beyond.

Malerenne: Get disciplined! I’ve always wanted to try the discipline spec, and seeing Marrisol work with it has inspired me. Mal can be my main healer in case I don’t get the hang of Akromah’s post 3.2 life. I’ll crunch out a few levels in Outland as a Disc Priest and see if I like it.

As for Zara…she’s a hunter. No biggie. 😉

Are your characters in a WoW slump? Make some short-term goals & share them here!

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  1. Mike_NJ permalink
    July 30, 2009 9:57 am

    Grind burnout is the reason I stopped playing my first couple breaks over the last 4.5 years.

    Repeatedly running non-heroic dungeons (because I wasn’t geared for heroic) mid-TBC to get piddly puddles of rep to try to gear up or get that next random drop was really, really boring.
    Then I ended up taking a year and a half off because all of a sudden playing any sort of game would give me instant motion sickness and shortly thereafter a migraine.

    Anyway, when I came back Aug 08, I too did the “little goals” thing.

    Lately I’ve been doing pretty well with it.
    I try to do 3 of my characters’ AT quests a week. Two of my characters are already Crusader; it takes ~15 minutes to do those four (30 if I pair it with Ebon Blade dailies out of Shadow Vault), or ~45 minutes to do the 8 including Valiant quests.
    I also try to take all my 70+ to sewer fishing days – Croc Day and Jewel in the Sewers. (There are five now, 4×80 and 1×70. This takes ~30 minutes total, unless my luck is bad.)
    I try to do Wintergrasp 2-3 times a week – a half hour or less of pain isn’t bad.
    I try to run 2-3 heroics a week. Sometimes I get lucky and can rip through 2-3 in one night! with an awesome group, othertimes (like Tuesday night) I can spend 90 minutes in Heroic Violet Hold because of stupid wipes. (tank went from full health to dead in an instant on trash. ugh)

    If those are finished and I don’t have any other pressing plans, I’ll try for a level or two on my under-70s. I can drag my warrior and warlock through a dungeon in about an hour, netting half a level, or push my rogue through and get a third or less, but get some needed Honor Hold rep (since 3.2 has flight skill costs discounted via HFP reps) Actually, I tend to do this on unplanned Saturday mornings when the house is quiet, or nights when my stomach betrays any serenity I might have had.

    I’ll also spend ~30 mins a week or so micromanaging mailboxes, since I’m such a horrible pack rat 😀

  2. Mike_NJ permalink
    July 30, 2009 10:05 am

    I should clarify…

    re: AT quests – I do 3 days worth of quests, and not 3 characters’ worth of a week of quests.
    re: Wintergrasp – same, I do WG just 3 times, and not with each 80, three times.
    re: Heroics – same, just 3 total heroics, and not 3 per 80 🙂

  3. July 31, 2009 8:36 pm

    I don’t recommend disc for leveling. It works, and it’s slightly better than holy (point of order: I leveled Marri holy. It’s neither impossible nor particularly hard. Shield, dot, holy fire, smite until the world ends. I actually think it may be better than disc for leveling, as penance has a cooldown). But if speed is a goal in your leveling, I would suggest all shadow, all the time. For the object example of this: I recently decided to get all the Scarlet Ruby cuts for some reason. One of those requires a BoP drop from the Nascent Valkyrs. On day 1, I killed about forty of them in disc. On day 2, I killed about 90 of them in the same amount of time, or maybe a bit more. I was, of course, using the same pieces of gear for each, as it’s the gear with hit on it. =) That just went to show me how much harder hitting shadow really is.

    Disc for healing on the other hand…all I can say is: “BUBBLESBUBLLESBUBBLES!” (Now, pretend that the previous quote is hypertexted to this:

    And if you want to take Leota out to heroics this weekend, I know a certain paladin tank who’s going to be needing some dps at her back…

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