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Undeath and You: Lolwatmage?

July 31, 2009

/sheeps your normal hostess

Well, after almost five years, and five previous incarnations, mage the sixth reached 80. True story.

What’s that? I hate mages? Yes, yes I do. But, I also have one of my own. Blizzard wanted to make warlocks more like mages, so I figured I’d just get the original.

I also picked up dual spec on a character for the first time. He’s frosty for soloing and questing, frostfire for dungeons and raids. I’ve only been on two heroics with him so far, so I’m still learning the frostfire groove, but it’s coming quickly. Frankly, after a pre-3.1 affliction warlock, spell rotations are pretty easy on the mage by comparison.

I’m also two pieces of gear away from the Superior achievement, which pleases me. I’m of the belief that you should be VERY close to that achievement before hopping into a Naxx or other 10 man raid – no one should EVER bring in a green to a raid.

So, what now, you ask, of my summer project? Heroics, raids, and pugs. Working on daily quests for the rep, and working on the Tourney dailies so I can become champion on yet another character.

All in all, the WoW summer project is going well indeed.

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  1. July 31, 2009 12:44 pm

    I have been considering leveling my bank toon, which is a little green haired mage.

  2. July 31, 2009 8:43 pm

    Hmmm…World’s Worst Mage and LolMage both recently reached 80…they need heroics…I need heroics…


  3. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    August 3, 2009 3:01 pm

    I finally completed my own TinyToon Adventure ™ by hitting 80 on my paladin shortly before leaving for a week-long vacation.

    …and when I say “shortly before”, I mean:

    [Impugnity]: Crap! My cab will be here any minute!
    [Impugnity]: Oh maaan… I’m out of time!

    Impugnity has gained the achievement [Level 80]!

    [Impugnity]: Yes! …and my cab just pulled up outside! See y’all in a week!

    Impugnity has gone offline.

    Now I have a fresh 80 to gear up. Heroics, Hit caps and Naxx-preparation ahoy!


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