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Achievement Rolll Call!

August 3, 2009

The Rogue and I were home Saturday morning hanging out when the Internet stopped working and the TV went black.


We live in an apartment complex where the cable box is easily accessible to everybody. Unfortunately, this means that anybody who wants cable without paying for cable can unplug somebody from the box and plug themselves in.

This weekend, we were the unplugged. We called our cable company (let’s call them BOMBAST) and they said they couldn’t send out anyone until today. Le sigh.

No Internet, no television, no phone. It was quite the Little House on the Prairie weekend for me. I read, baked, and made jewelry. We went to the County Fair, where our prized pig won the blue ribbon and my blueberry preserves won the second place prize. Then we discovered that rats got into the town’s grain supply and sickened half the town!! Then the Blind School caught fire and burned down, killing Mary’s baby and Mrs. Garvey!

Wait, that’s not my life. Sorry.

Anyway, after much gnashing of teeth (and missing of True Blood) the “Bombast” guy was at the apartment this afternoon as I was coming back here after lunch.

So…no WoW. No achievements. No problem. Why? Because I have YOU GUYS to regale me with your achievements from the week.

Big or small, Blizz-sanctioned or not, share your accomplishments below!

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  1. Mike_NJ permalink
    August 3, 2009 5:44 pm

    Sorry to hear about your loss of connection to the world!

    Thursday I took m’Lady to the Airport so she could go on her first vacation in two and a half years. She deserves it.

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
    Got my warrior and warlock to 54 with my guildleader’s help and an ST run followed by a Baron run (his wife’s mage made out pretty well with drops). Took my warrior into DM to get the book trinket, but I think I forgot to do the warlock’s.
    Got my hunter to Exalted Champion of the Alliance. Still have a ways to go for Argent Crusade rep.
    DK hit Exalted with Ebon Blade. I probably forgot to go shopping after that. Made Champion of Ironforge today, started Stormwind. That’s all I’ll need for Champion of the Alliance. Started doing some newbie zone quests to bump up the rep.

    Ran two guildmates through Strat, both sides, the mage died a few times from Male Gnome Mage syndrome. 😉 *
    Also ran a couple friends through SM a couple times.

    For some reason, Fri Sat and Sun I was in bed before 10. The thunderstorms Friday night and Sunday were quite awesome. Sunday I gallivanted a little and picked up a couple magazines and a book (short stories about roleplaying in virtual worlds, entitled Gamer Fantastic) but got relatively little done in the house.

    Sunday morning we awoke to find out some sort of hostage or suicide situation was occurring around the corner from our house. SWAT teams eventually charged into the house! We don’t know what was going on, there was NO NEWS about it at all!

    *I have postulated that Male Gnome Mages have an inexplicable ability to draw aggro unto themselves just by standing there, for I have seen mobs run through the Consecrates of 2+ paladins, or other AEing classes, to smack down a Male Gnome Mage that has not done so much as stand there.
    This might sound like a general Gnome issue, however, my female Gnome Mage has no such problems. 🙂

    Today I’ll be picking up m’Lady from the Airport 🙂

  2. August 4, 2009 10:56 am

    I finally got 10 man Sarth + 1.

    I always end up in a Fail group when attempting this, so i put one together and we went in there and got it on the 4th try. This weekend we are going to attempt Sarth +2. We havent done 25 man yet either, but i figure if we can get it done on 10 man that we should have no issues with 25 man as i have heard it’s easier. It still impresses me how many people fail on flame wall though… kinda sad really.

    That was my big one… other than that i got my priest up to 78 and got a few dungeons and quest achievements in the process. i am hoping to get him to 80 soon so i can start actually playing him in useful places.

  3. Haavok permalink
    August 4, 2009 5:39 pm

    I finally got my epic flying! No more complaining about those other miners zipping upto my saronite nodes as I’m about to reach them!


    I just read the patch notes… I should have waited till today and get a discount! Oh well! I’ve got it finally!

    Now I get to work on farming the Raven Lord Mount!


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