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Living in a 3.2 world

August 5, 2009
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My prediction yesterday was wrong – my server was back online by 6pm, not 9pm. Yay!

By the time I got online, it was after 8pm and my server was getting very laggy. The first thing I did was turn in my 100 Champion’s Marks for Akromah’s new Paladin Charger!

I can stare at this all night. She looks so noble!

I can stare at this all night. She looks so noble! And Akromah looks good, too!

My next stop was Dalaran so that I could peek at the new Epic Jewelcrafting patterns. There was a letter in my mailbox from the Jewelcrafting trainer, Timothy Jones.

It's nice to have your workmanship appreciated.

It's nice to have your workmanship appreciated.

He attached a writ I could turn in. So I rode my new charger to the Jewelcrafting building to chat up Tim. Apparently, the entire server had the same idea.

Tim? Hello? It's me, Akromah! Back here! You wrote me?

Tim? Hello? It's me, Akromah! Back here! You wrote me?

The new epic patterns cost 4 JC tokens each. Since I had a lot of notice about this patch and the new patterns, I had tons of time to accumulate the tokens.

Which stung really badly when I realized I only had 7, 5 of which came from the writ I turned in. Slacker! It’s okay though, because I couldn’t buy any patterns – kept getting a “This item is busy” error. No biggie. I went mining instead.

And went this morning instead. Sometimes it’s good to live in an East Coast World and be on a West Coast Server!

Hey, Tim. Nice hat!

Same shop, 4:30am server time.

Here’s something cool that I didn’t know was coming…there’s a dropdown list now that appears when you start addressing a letter to someone. It looks like it pulls from your friends list. This’ll come in handy if you have friends who are named Lêgöläš and you can’t remember the silly alt key codes. It also gets rid of the pesky autofinish feature that, a few times, caused me to brainlessly mail stuff to someone on my friends list instead of my intended target.



I didn’t feel like doing the new 5-person dungeon last night so I watched The Rogue’s Lolmage do it. It looks really cool! At least all that jousting I did for my new charger will come in use.

Did you get to play last night? What are your impressions so far?

PS: Today marks 1 month ’til my birthday. Just so you know.

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  1. John permalink
    August 5, 2009 10:53 am

    You share the same birthday as my mom. Just so you know. hehe

  2. August 5, 2009 11:31 am

    Today marks 3 weeks until MY birthday…I’m just sayin’…

    Nice looking steed, lady! 🙂 I was in for a bit last night, but addons and general lag made things miserable so I logged for an hour or so. Got in later, got Kes & Osprey their Gorlok orphans. Did the new AT quests. Saw the same thing you did at Tim’s.

    I’ve *never* seen as many people in Dalaran as I did last night. I hope to never again see that many!

  3. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    August 5, 2009 12:42 pm

    I ran the new 5 man about 3 or 4 times last night and picked up two or three off-spec epics.

    …from the REGULAR 5-man. It’s neat. 🙂 I imagine that the hard-core raiders are rolling over in their tier-peices and QQing themselves into a righteous fit, but I’m looking forward to this gear being the thing that will push us further through Ulduar.

    For my Beast Mastery hunter (whose main pet is a Devilsaur), I picked up the little dinosaur non-combat pet and started doing the quests to get the Ravasaur mount. These quests are (of course) going to be a tedious pain in the ass to get through… and made worse by the fact that the whole server (who weren’t at the JC trainer) were out in Un’Goro doing the quest [Steal Cosmo’s Kills]. Many people got the [Drive Cosmo into an Apoplectic Fit] achievement last night.

    Fun times! 😀

  4. Haavok permalink
    August 5, 2009 1:42 pm

    I was in for a while and was a part of the group with the Lol-Mage that ran the 5- man a few times. I think we ran it in regular mode 3 times in a row. The loot in there is great. To help fill out pcs hat haven’t ben fillies in Naxx, but I don’t see the loot thee replacing Naxx gear so much. As well it shouldn’t. This was a regular 5-man instance. Gear from hat should not ne replacing gear from a 10-man raid!

    Hopefully we will get to try our the 10-man instance later in the weekend. Maybe I should start some of the tournament stuff eventually? Nah! XD

    I did get to change my druid’s appearance for the new cat and bear forms! I do find it interesting that Druids can’t make these changes in their own Capitol city, as it is done in a barber shop and there isn’t one in Thunder Bluff! (I got the dark grey color, in case you were wondering.)

    And then I also got to play around on my new (overly expensive) Epic flight form! Oh man, this is what flying was meant to be! It makes farming for ore sooooooo much easier! Now I get to be the epic flyer that everyone else can complain about! I guess I can also get the Outland explorer acheivement when I get bored and then perhaps finish up old world. Who am I kidding? I don’t have enough time to get that bored!

    That’s about it from the Cow Side of things. How is YOUR 3.2?

  5. Mike_NJ permalink
    August 5, 2009 2:53 pm

    The dropdown list also appears with whispers/tells, as well – even when mid-tell!

  6. Mike_NJ permalink
    August 6, 2009 1:01 pm

    I’ve done the Trial of Champions 3 times, twice on regular, once on Heroic.

    It’s really rather easy, and takes about as long as Violet Hold.

    When you enter, you need to mount up, as the first part of the instance is a joust against three opposing faction Champions.
    Each Champion comes out with 3 “guards”. The 3 sets of guards come one at a time, then the three Champions simultaneously.
    After you unhorse them, there’s a possibility they get up and remount, so you need to ride over them repeatedly to “trample” them.
    Once all unhorsed, you fight them on foot.

    The second part has one of two bosses – either Eadric the Pure, or Argent Confessor Paletress. Each come with 3 sets of three “guards.”
    Eadric is a full blown Paladin with the additional ability to blind you with righteous light. (You get a warning when this happens, and you need to turn away from him to not be blinded for 2-3 seconds)
    Paletress is a pretty powerful holy priest, and when she hits ~30% health, she summons a “past nightmare” which is a boss you’ve fought previously. One is Hogger, another is a tall four-armed demon lady. Once the nightmare is dead, focus again on Paletress.

    Part 3 is the Black Knight. He has three phases.
    Phase 1 he’s a straight tank-and-spank.
    Phase 2 he turns into a lich/zombie and raises a whole bunch of ghouls, which he casts Corpse Explosion on rather often (and they -hurt- on Heroic).
    Phase 3 he turns into a spectre thing and channels a debuff that increases magic damage you take by 5% per stack.

    It’s fast enough that you could probably run 2 regulars and a heroic in one hour, once you get into a groove 🙂
    Also, the rewards are exceptional, especially if you’re not a Naxx+ raider (I’m not.)

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