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Enchanting and stupid at the same time

August 8, 2009

Poor Leota’s enchanting was only at 392 today, so I decided to try to get her to a respectable level. So I snagged some mats out of the guild bank.

(c) The Simpsons

(c) The Simpsons

I found the green chestpiece, bracers & hammer that I keep in Leota’s bank for the express purpose of applying enchants to them (because I’m certainly not going to practice on my own armor/weapons anymore) and was about to get to work when…

I realized that I didn’t have an enchant on her boots. So I went to the Undercity, bought the Icewalker scroll and applied it.

Back to work. I was about to toss an enchant on the green hammer when it hit me.




Would you believe that ALL this time I was leveling up her enchants I was piddling away my mats on tossaway greens? Even though I routinely buy scrolls for Akromah and Leota, I never thought of putting enchants on scrolls myself. It’s been since 3.0!!! Lame.


So I went off to buy vellum and created a bunch of scrolls for the AH. Half of them have already sold.

Then I went to the enchanting trainer and realized I could have done my OWN Icewalker enchant at 385.

At least her enchanting’s now 408.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done ingame?

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  1. Embalmo the Rogue permalink*
    August 9, 2009 3:34 pm

    Hrm….level the mage to 80? :p

    Probably, hands down, the dumbest conscious in-game decision was to not respec The Warlock out of affliction. I don’t believe in destruction specs for warlocks (if I want a bunch of fire damage, I’ll play the mage, thanks).

    Dumbest thing I’ve done in-game so far as that type of thing goes, though, is not realizing that there was as zeppelin from Undercity to Stranglethorn. I was either flying all the way down, or going to Orgrimmar, then on to Stranglethorn.

  2. Haavok permalink
    August 10, 2009 6:24 pm

    The dumbest thing I’ve ever done in game? Well what hapens in Goldshire, stays in Goldshire!


    Anyway… I. Ouldnt think of one specific thing so here are three!

    I must have been really tired that night but I de'd my best healing ring when I was about level 70 when I was tryin to give it a + spell power enchant. Don't ask me how I did it, but again I must have been tired that night! As a result, I no longer have my Enchant button anywhere near my DISenchant button!

    Or there was the time my alliance Druid came runnin out of the inn on the Scryer tier, across the courtyard, through the building with the little benches in it, out to the platform and jumped off over Lower City….Fell down down down… Hit myflitcht form at the last second…. And got an error message saying "This ability can only be used outdoors.". SPLAT! I hate lag….

    Or better yet…. I can't believe I'm living up to this one…. Picture the above again…. Only this time I go to hit my flight form and then realize I'm on my rogue! SPLAT AGAIN!

    I'm sure there are plenty other things that I've done but these stick out the most!

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