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PW: Wharton's 'Warcraft' Professor

August 19, 2009

Smart, successful, and Horde to boot!

One meet-and-greet with Kevin Werbach and you sense success: Professional and energetic, it comes no shock that Werbach graduated from Harvard Law School and ended up a Wharton professor, Obama adviser and the founder of a technology firm.

Underneath the polished exterior, though, is a first-class nerd.

Werbach, you see, is a world-class player of the “massively multiplayer” online game World of Warcraft, a potion-making Tauren named Supernovan Jenkins. Class: Shaman. Level: 80. And he’s bringing his expertise in the virtual world to bear on real-life issues of technology and economic development.

We SO need more of these stories out there – I love knowing what players do outside of their WoW persona and I love seeing stories of normal people* who consider WoW their hobby.

Lok’tar Ogar, Kevin!


Read the rest of the article at Philadelphia Weekly: Wharton’s ‘Warcraft’ Professor | News and Opinion | Philadelphia Weekly

View Werbach’s slide presentation, “All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in World of Warcraft

…and Supernovan’s armory profile, since the link in PW’s article didn’t work.

*by “Normal People” I simply mean people whose biggest claim to fame does not include 1)dying from starvation due to playing WoW nonstop; 2) neglecting their children due to a WoW addiction; 3) using WoW to pick up an underaged person.

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  1. Cosmo the Fallacy permalink
    August 19, 2009 12:55 pm

    A Tauren Shaman who advises the president, eh? I think I like that.

    A *RESTO* shaman, no less.

    All I have to say to him is: Ishne aloe Por-ah, Supernovan.

    (Well… that, and your name kinda sucks.)


  1. PW: Wharton's 'Warcraft' Professor | World of Warcraft Wanderings

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