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About Us

This picture is so old. But I love it.

Here’s the story, morning glory…


I work at a newspaper. In early 2008 the newsroom was looking for staff members to blog (for free, naturally) about anything they wanted and I figured what the heck! What better way to get the media to understand that not all gamers are child-abusing, basement-dwelling misanthropes than to have a (reasonably) well-adjusted (somewhat) sane person blog about World of Warcraft? After all, I have the qualifications…

Quick MMORPG history: Asheron’s Call, Dark Age of Camelot, Horizons, Star Wars Galaxies*, Final Fantasy XI*, The Sims Online, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online*

*Didn’t make it through the trial month. FFXI made me cry.

One week I was on furlough from the paper. That means I got a week off from work, unpaid, and couldn’t do anything that related to work. That’s when my guy, “Fizzlethorpe”, started blogging here. He goes by aliases because he’s a teacher by trade and doesn’t want his real name bandied about blogs. That’s cool by me.

In January 2011, we moved the blog from the newspaper’s website here to Why? Was there scandal? Intrigue? Did we say douchebag too much? No. I wanted a bit more design input. That’s all.

I stared playing WoW in early 2005. Horde for 3 months (Leota to lvl 38), Alliance for a little less than 2 years (Sandy to 60, Honorra to 61), Horde for 3 years and counting! (Akromah to 85, Leota to 83, various deserted alts). There were a few breaks in there too, including a 7 month break before my current stint.

Fizzlethorpe started playing WoW at the beginning. On this blog he has been known as “The Warlock,” “The Rogue,” “The Mage,” and “Angry DPSer.” Ok, that last name is what I’ve called him from time to time.

We play mostly Horde but have been known to play Alliance from time to time.

My main is a Akromah, a blood elf paladin. Yes, I got the name from MtG, but I’ve never played. I quest and solo with her as ret, but she’s a holy paladin. My alt is Leota, an undead mage. That name came from the floating head in Disney’s Haunted Mansion. I call Leota World’s Worst Mage for many reasons. Mostly because I can’t play her for beans. I love healing.

The Warlock’s main is … The Warlock, an undead warlock, Sengir (goes with Akromah, get it?). His other characters include goblin mage Fizzlethorpe, undead rogue Embalmo, and undead-now-gnome mage Cogito. And a shaman. And a paladin.

We raid casually. We PvP occasionally.

He only plays DPS classes. I adore healing. Neither of us can tank worth a crap.

He likes PuGGing and does it regularly. I don’t like it, but do it begrudgingly.

He quests ALL THE TIME. I hate questing, and prefer killing things.

I make the gold. He spends the gold.

We currently live with our two dogs and our cat in a dee-luxe apartment in the sky in Southern New Jersey, USA. We keep “Big Lint Roller” happy.

I’m an internet junkie and my personal website is at You can follow my Twitterings if you’d like. It’s a healthy mix of WoW and Real Life. I’m also on Facebook, where you can be my friend and Farmville neighbor, if you’re into that thing.

Thank you for coming by! We appreciate you killing your precious time here.

The little people in the header were originally designed by my lovely and talented former coworker Sharon Griffiths. I’ve been dressing them and altering them to reflect the various characters we play, but I don’t think she ever got the credit she deserved for making them. You rule, Sharon.

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